Samuel Hendrickson’s video

Samuel Hendrickson on “Why I’d Hate To Be Asian (Totally Not Racist).”

Samuel… that video is going to haunt you for a long long time… good luck getting a job. This site will be up for YEARS!

48 thoughts on “Samuel Hendrickson’s video

  1. Tabitha

    Oh I dont think he will have a problem getting a job. You see only the ridiculous people are commenting on this video. The whole rest of the population that is normal knows this is stupid and doesnt bother. With real problems and real racism going on in this world, it is absolutely ridiculous that people are wasting there time on something stupid like this.

  2. Bob Saget

    I would never hire this guy…unless it was for gay porn. I would hire him to do gay porn. This guy seems like a douche too, what a fuckin moron.

    1. JohnJohn

      “Hahaha! This dude is either going to kill himself or someone is going to kill him lol”

      That would be cause for celebration!

  3. yello

    It just shows that I am raised from a much BETTER family than yours. How did you get in a university? We asians are everywhere in college. It’s great to be the smartest race. C’ya

    1. deh

      This kid is so dumb and arrogant; to talk down like this on any race for the way they look is weak on such an impressive level. Why make a video and upload it on the internet? This shit is public domain now u idiot!

  4. Learn from your mistakes

    -To the people (“Bob Saget” and “A Asian”) that leave comments about gay people or “faggots” you are just as bad. Your are being racist towards gays.
    -To “Tabitha”: if people are ridiculous for responding to his video, aren’t you guilty of wasting time on something stupid like this?

  5. Thang

    According to his fb b4 he deleted it he has add and depression. Lets hope he spirals down and does the world a favor and die in a fire.

  6. Srs?

    Why on earth would you post something like this on the internet, Sammy?
    My god… you’d think people would learn from the Wallace blow up.
    Have fun with the consequences, ignorant fuckwit.
    And for those defending him, stop it. You probably think you’re so conscientious, but you’re justifying racism and it’s not even in humour. If you think it’s funny you probably have an IQ of less than 50. If so, keep on keep on-ing.

    It’s ironic how, in this video, you’ve basically exemplified why I’d hate to be white…
    loljks, don’t take it the wrong way. #yup


    The person who created this site is a malicious asshole.

    Samuel is a young guy… who hasn’t fully matured his ways of thinking and the ways in which he communicates his thought… and is a bit racist. So what? So are countless other young men all around the world. They are still growing up. That doesn’t mean it’s ok to be racist, but no one deserves to have their future jeopardized over some ignorant rant they went on when they were young. Honestly, who can say they didn’t say some stupid shit when they were young? Get the fuck over it. I can’t believe this story has made the news. “YOUNG MAN IS RACIST”. omg, get the fuck out! Everyone needs worry about their own way of thinking. Learn to be more forgiving and accepting of people! Isn’t that what you all are ripping Samuel apart for not being?

    1. Kimo Sabi

      The person who created this site is a genious. Payback is a bitch, ain’t it?

      Fkkk you. Samuel HendricKKKson deserves every bit of it and more. Sadly, a lot of white fkkks think like him. You’re obviously one of them.

    2. My Opinion

      He deserves it. It really won’t affect him for the rest of his life anyway, and if it does, then so be it. It’s in no way this website creator’s fault, as the light he sparked has already spread into raging fire. It isn’t and will most likely never be the only copy of the video, anyway. He should have known what he was getting himself into when he took the time to make and post the video. Hopefully he learns, but according to his Twitter, that doesn’t seem to be happening. He “apologizes” often and claims that he knows he was wrong, yet still acts as if the things he said weren’t rude or harmful. He still makes excuses for the things he said, trying to find any little way he can to dig himself out of this mess he made.

    3. Chris

      I am making it my life goal to make sure it effects him his whole life. I am sure I am not alone. This kid has crossed the line.

      1. yinter

        And everyone in the world hasn’t! Move on for crying out loud, this kid is feeling rage from everybody, plus I would do a little more research on this kid before you insult him.

  8. J

    Something should be done about all of the people who supported this guy’s video. For example, Travis Ratliff made comments in support of the video and laughed about the content. His comments are shown in a picture here Also, his facebook profile is here… Travis attends the University of Nortwestern Ohio and should be at least suspended for the comments he made.. He is just as guilty and I am about to email his school, and I hope others do as well.

  9. Nguyen

    A lot hate is being thrown around. I’m asian and I feel that Sam took a shot at our culture. I am old enough to understand there are just dumb people in the world and we need to learn to move on. But Sam hasn’t realized that there’s a that kid out there, who’s being made fun of because of these racial stereotypes. That kid is going home hating that he was born an asian but people like Sam just think it’s funny. I don’t think Sam is racist. I do think he is ignorant and didn’t realize the harm he can do. A decent looking young guy. I’m sure there is a following for him because he’s fun. So that means he’s respected somewhat. So he believes he’s just being funny. People that have to live with those “funny” comments do see it at funny.

    I say we all move on, but that has to come from same. He’s repeatedly gone on the internet to say, sorry, sorry, sorry. It was just a joke! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to have the whole asian race made at me. He doesn’t realize his apology has been surfaced as a joke. If he has the will to post an awful video. He needs to have the will to post a true response to the turmoil he has caused. Get a good acting coach cause tears are gonna have hit home otherwise like the apologies he’s sent on his twitter account will not be accepted.

  10. Karson

    Just because it’s a “joke” does not mean that what he said isn’t actually his beliefs. There’s a little bit of truth in every joke…. I’m sure he’ll “learn” from it. But he’s fucking stupid. Seriously. It’s 2013. Why are people still so racist and inconsiderate? It doesn’t matter that it’s just a joke. You’re stupid. And you deserve this hate and whatever else is coming for you.

  11. Uncle Tom

    It’s funny how Asians accumulate for 3/5 of the world’s population and somehow this guy is so ignorant to think they’re in the minority.

    Apparently this kid must of fell out of Sarah Palin’s crotch, which is attached to her anus, during a bathroom session.

  12. T.

    i have never been more offended. S.H., you should be ashamed of yourself. hope the university expels you.

  13. Chris

    My goal in life is to make this kid the poster of racism. A face that we can associate with racism for many years.

  14. Chris

    This kid is so dumb for posting this on the internet. You just picked a fight with the entire Asian race. You think we are going to sit back and let some teenage kid post this about our race?

  15. Anna

    You’re stupid. Why in the world would you post something like this? I’m asian but I’m not chinky or whatever you call it because I’m filipina, which is I look spanish. And don’t you dare call asians unattractive because they’re not. Lol have fun getting a job, especially you’re a dumba** mofo.

  16. PAPA SHI

    Dude your a joke!!

    Besides of laughing at you, I am gonna fuck your mother’s juicy bloody pussy and make her squeal like a pig. And I will cut your dick in to half and put your ball sack into your mouth you stupid hairy motherfucker who is no good at math. I will go to your linkedin page and I will go to IU to find you and torture you to death, I promise dude.

  17. Joe America

    Samual Hendrickson racist. There, I helped cement this POS in google FOREVER, hahaha. Good luck in life Hendrikkkson fool, you will need it big time.

    HATERS, learn a lesson from these f*ckwits who spew their vile racist cr@p out into the world. You have free speech to say it, but that doesn’t protect you from the backlash of good society.

  18. Joe America

    Samuel Hendrickson is Racist. Whoops, messed up his name, well that is good for google crosschecks. This fixed it. This guy is forever linked with his racist stupidity. Life=over.

  19. Adam Henderson

    Fuck you motherfucking bum ass no game pussy ass little inbred country boy white ass piece of shit. Nobody likes you. You should kill yourself. Your mom should have aborted you and then drowned herself you redneck pussy bitch. Burn on hell white turd. What the fuck

    1. Bobby West

      Not only that, but most Asians go to college and get a dream job. Unlike your white ass honky ass albino fuck. People like you need to be shot in prison. Or maybe get butt raped in a prison. I bet you do this because your parents were poor and your dad always raped you. I bet you were so poor that you were born in a cracker box instead of a hospital. Post one more thing, and I will hunt you down, find you, and shoot you. Little fucks like you need to be put down like dogs. Goodbye you sick, twisted, bloody vaginal bitch.

  20. TheMoon

    Why do people post this shit? I can have the whole Asian army up your ass in three seconds if I wanted to. Don’t mess with us. If I do call the Asian army over, I will let my dad take the first shot. Then we will shoot your corpse over and over for the fun of it. So shut the fuck up, stop being an inbred white albino bitch, and do something besides posting racist videos you asshole wussy fuck prick.

  21. Truth-Told-Today

    Samuel Hendrickson,

    A lot of what you said has to with looks and I believe it is because you suffer from a common misconception of thinking you are actually good looking.

    You reference show business looks and I am going to use that and the study of golden ratio proportions to explain exactly how ridiculously unattractive you look because you desperately need a wake up call.

    You are not good looking my friend. You are far from it. Regardless of how much muscle you try to build, it will all be canceled out by the fact that you have an overly inflated button nose. You don’t know this, but it is impossible to look respectfully tough when you have a bitch of a button nose. You know this is the truth, you see it in the mirror every day. Your lips are too thin. In the context of golden ratio proportions, some people have large lips and some people with normal lips. For whatever reason, it seems that thin small lips are the least attractive of them all.

    I’m sure that you think you have decent eyes, but the truth is that unless you want to be a comedian, no one (NO ONE) actually wants to have eyes that look like Stifler from American Pie and even if they did they wouldn’t want it with thin tiny lips and a bitch of a button nose which no amount of muscle will cancel out.

    You look like a joke and everyone will treat you like a joke. As I’m sure they do today.

    I’m sorry my friend. This is how things work in show business. You will never make it in show business. From the sounds of your video, I know that in the back of your head you dreamed and thought your video would get you some level of fame to have that shot. You deserve this extreme rejection not just because you don’t have the look but you are also an idiot who has a horrible sense of humor.

    You wouldn’t make it as a comedian either. I don’t want to give you a false hope or anything.

  22. Truth Told

    Samuel, the entire shape of your head is also off. It’s kind of like a ball hanging off a melon, which is incorrect, it should be closer to just a melon. Just forgot to mention that.

    The worst part of all of this is that you had the nerve to associate yourself with a university. If you are still there, I doubt that anyone actually wants you to be there. People there embrace friendship with different people and cultures. It comes from a sort of tolerance most people develop when they are kids. You are likely putting your head in the ground pretending that nothing is happening but regardless of whether you believe it or not this is going to cause problems in your life. To be fair, having your head in the ground is probably the reason why this happened in the first place. Look over the internet to find several videos of people who go off on an idiotic racist rants believing that people around them will agree and then social media just punches them back in the face. That is you. Whether this was caused by the way your parents raised you or because you are literally living under a rock, you are no different.

    While you may have a right to stay at a university it doesn’t mean that you should. If no one wants you there and you stick it out you become a burden to everyone around you. It almost becomes a form of Stockholm syndrome because you are failing to recognize that they don’t’ want you there. You might think that it is better to tough things out but then you are not really thinking about the people around you (which wouldn’t be surprising because it sounds like you don’t really think at all). Whether you realize it or not, they also suffer from your stupidity. Leave and go do something else so that you won’t be a social burden on others. Another university isn’t a good idea because it would reflect horribly on them.

  23. Truth-Told-Again

    Your face is also puffed out in the same way that you would see a baby. It looks really silly on someone that should be older.

  24. Gong Nom Style

    Samuel Hendrickson. Just imagine you made a video about “why I hate to be African”. What would happen to you? You would be a living target. Just because you are writing about Asians, what makes you think you are safe? You are not and Asians are expanding fast every where. They are catching up with power and wealth. Remember. Asians gangs may have you on the list.

    Kid. Learn to think before you talk cause your talk can lead to tragedy.

  25. A Fucking Angry Asian

    I HOPE THIS FUCKING KID DIES AND GOES TO HELL. I hope that he never gets a job, and that he has to suffer for the rest of his life because of this. He claims that it was a ‘joke’. THIS IS THE SICKEST FUCKING JOKE I HAVE EVER FUCKING HEARD. It’s not a joke, and we all know that. I hope that hime, and all the other fat, white, racist pigs go to hell and suffer for the rest of eternity.